Lockdowns and Liabilities: A Hobbesian Reflection on School Shootings

Comment critically on either or both parts of this post I did for my personal blog. The first part, on duties of care, makes reference to World War I, which I’m teaching in my PSCI 303 class; the second part, on lockdowns, makes reference to Hobbes, which we’ve been studying in PSCI 306. Obviously, the second half of the post is more pertinent to your class than the first, but as Kristina has had my PSCI 303 class, feel free to comment on either or both parts of the post.

I’ll put some posts up on Locke soon.


One thought on “Lockdowns and Liabilities: A Hobbesian Reflection on School Shootings

  1. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    Legally Wouldn’t educator/student relationship be considered a fiduciary relationship like that of an attorney/client or therapist to client where there is an ethical relationship built on trust and loyalty where the clients/students interest is put ahead of all interest? And will it include taking a bullet for a student? Although not in black and white.

    Educators and student’s relationship in my opinion, depends on the age group, as a teacher of elementary children you are committing yourself to job duties that perhaps may not be written in contract but comes with the age group; teachers of K-3 may need to assist students to use the bathroom, tie shoe laces, clean up vomit, so in the case of a school shooting the teacher’s job is to lead the kids to safety. There is a moral expectation behind a line of duty for teachers depending on age group, legally they are minors and parents are dropping them off under the school, administration and teachers care, teachers are expected to lead them to safety is as far as I would take it.

    However, for students in high school and beyond where they are aware of the media, news and understand lockdowns means crazy people that shoot schools, I would say that educators do not have responsibility over defending and protecting their students, I do not believe that it is the teachers job to put themselves before the students and take a bullet for them and if you don’t there are legal constraints or a coward when students have the maturity and understand to run for safety. I do however, believe that as an educator you are committed to lead a student to safety in an event of a lockdown and follow procedure. Much like a Doctor to patient relationship it is ethical to help a patient in the event of an emergency.

    I believe that we are in the prelim stages where these issues will be addressed and laws will form that include teacher’s expectations of school shootings, and the ethical issues such as teachers not following lockdown or school shooting procedures, and then there will be a decrease in teachers….


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